5D- Lares Lodge to Lodge Llama Trek to Machu Picchu

Ukumari Expeditions prioritizes community-based tourism, where local families directly benefit from sharing their culture. Along this unique route we stay in family-run lodges, enjoying the most intimate connection with Andean culture. In the villages of Wakawasi and Patakancha we have partnered directly with local families to build the Inka Lodges, rustic but comfortable lodges which are the perfect cozy homes out in the extreme landscape. These lodges provide extra comforts such as private bathrooms, improved hot showers and hotel quality beds. This important initiative allows local families to remain together in their villages, receiving visitors and sharing their culture. Our Inka Lodges project promotes equality in tourism and provides the best opportunity for authentic experiences and holistic cultural exchanges. Maintaining tradition we use llamas as pack animals throughout the route.

Trip style: Adventure Trekking & Cultural Immersion
Duration: 5 Days / 4 Night
Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging
Physical demand rating: Experience needed.

Day 1 | Cusco – Lares Town – Wakawasi Lodge 

Early in the morning you will be pick up from your hotel and have car transportation (1:30 hrs.) to Ankashmarka archeological site, the largest Inka warehouse in the area. After exploring and strolling through this fascinating place the journey continues for another 1 hour towards Lares town, the beginning of the trek.  Before start the expedition meet all the crew that will look after you very well making sure you have an unforgettable experience and immerse in the local culture. The trek starts in a beautiful valley called Lares, and you will trek on a Pre-Hispanic trail that once connected the sacred valley of the Inkas with the amazon jungle, where according the history is located the lost city of the Inkas “El dorado”. Lunch is in a local family house, located in a small picturesque valley. After lunch continue your trek walking on an original Inka trail until Wakawasi Community village where the first Inka lodge is located.

* Transportation Cusco to Lares town (beginning of trek)
* Meals: Lunch and Dinner (In local family houses)
* Tour guide (English / Spanish / Quechua (Inka language)
* Local and cultural activities demonstration (potato farming)
* Llamas as pack animals and emergency horse
* Duffel bags for you belongings
* Heater and hot water bottles for the night
* Overnight accommodation in Wakawasi Inka Lodge
Trekking details:
Difficulty: Moderate / Total distance: 08 km. /5 mi. – 6 hrs. Approx. 
Elevation: Starting Point: 3,270 m. – 10,791 ft. Highest point: 3,770 m. – 12,441 ft. / Overnight: Wakawasi Inka Lodge (Altitude: 3,770 m. – 12,441 ft.)

Day 2 | Wakawasi Lodge - Patakancha Lodge

Start your day with a delicious Andean breakfast prepared by our chef and the local family. The hike starts with a gentle climb to the first pass from where the view of the valleys, snow-capped mountains and tranquil Andean lakes and lagoons are just amazing. Along the way it will be an opportunity to visit a local family house and witness their daily lives which didn´t changed much through centuries, also see the locals pasturing their llamas and alpacas and weaving flat textiles. The ascent has some short sections of steep parts (10-15 min approx.) and also inclined flat parts which in general makes not very difficult to summit this mountain, you might find hard mostly because the high altitude.

* Tour guide (English / Spanish / Quechua (Inka language)
* Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (In local family houses)
* Local and cultural activities demonstration (textiles & weaving)
* Llamas as pack animals and emergency horse
* Duffel bags for you belongings
* Heater and hot water bottles for the night
* Overnight accommodation in Patakancha Inka Lodge

Trekking details:
Difficulty: Moderate to strenuous                                                
Elevation: Starting Point: 3,820 m. – 12,606 ft. / Highest point: 4,420 m. – 14,586 ft.
Total distance: 13 km. – 8.1 mi. / 8 hr. Approx.
Overnight: Patakancha Inka Lodge (Altitude: 3,9200 m. – 12,936 ft.)

Day 3 | Patakancha Lodge – Ollantaytambo Town

This morning, after a tasty breakfast, you start the expeditions towards the great Ollantaytambo, considered the last alive Inka town. After 20 min. hike, you will take a local transportation from Patakancha to Willoq town from where you trek will start. On the way visit and get amazed by ancient villages, that guards the Inka traditions, and the Inka site of Pumamarka and its incredible system of farming terraces that still are being used by local farmers. The trail is in its 90 % downhill and the landscape is just great for supreme photographic opportunities. Lunch will be on a beautiful platform with a spectacular view of the valleys around in a local family house. After a nice rest and visit the Inka site you continue through a downhill Inka trail to the great town of Ollantaytambo.

* Tour guide (English / Spanish / Quechua (Inka language)
* Meals: Breakfast and Lunch (In local family houses)
* Transportation from Patakancha to willoq  to start the trek
* Transportation for your luggage from Patakancha to Ollantaytambo
* Ticket entrance to Pumamarka Inka site
* Hotel overnight accommodation in Ollantaytambo town

Trekking details:

Difficulty: Moderate                                                                           
Elevation: Starting Point: 3,920 m. – 12,606 ft. / Lowest Point: 2,750 m. – 9,075 ft.
Total distance: 13 km. / 8 mi. – 8 hrs. Approx.                                     
Overnight: Hotel – Ollantaytambo town (2,750 m. – 9,075 ft.)

Day 4 | Short Inka Trail to Machu Picchu

Morning transfer to Ollantaytambo train station for a scenic train journey (1:15 hrs.) until km 104 along the rail road, which is starting point of the hike to Machu Picchu. The 6 hrs. trek is along an Inka highway, visiting Inka sites, admiring beautiful waterfalls and experiencing the luxuriant vegetation that is home to hundreds of bird and orchid species. Your lunch (box lunch) will be next to the magnificent Wiñay Wayna Inka site, and then explore the site along with its houses, water fountains and farming terraces. Afterwards you head on to the sun gate, a place from where you can have an astonishing view of Machu Picchu Llaqta. After a well rest with awe-inspiring scenery you will take the final stretch of the royal Inca highway that ends up in the lost city of the Inkas and can take pictures as from postcards. Then take a bus down to the town of Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu town) and get accommodation in your hotel.

* Tour guide (English / Spanish / Quechua (Inka language)
* Meals: Breakfast and lunch (box Lunch)
* Train ticket: Ollantaytambo to Chachabamba (km 104)
* Entrance ticket to short Inka trail
* Bus tickets: Machu Picchu Llaqta to Machupicchu town (Aguas Calientes town)
* Hotel overnight accommodation in Machupicchu town

Trekking details:

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Elevation: Starting Point: 2,080 m. – 6,864 ft. / Highest Point: 2,700 m. – 8,910 ft.
Total distance: 12km. / 7.4 mi. – 6 hrs.                                               
Overnight: Hotel – Machu Picchu Town (Altitude: 2,000 m. – 6,600 ft.)

Day 5 | Machu Picchu Llaqta 

In the morning, after take a thirty minutes bus ride, on a zigzag road along the hillside, you will arrive to the incredible “Lost city of the Inkas” and be able to take a private guided tour of this incredible remains, enjoying the complicated history of the site, the surprising degree of technology achieved by its builders, the provision of water channels that reveal a deep understanding of hydraulics, and its exceptionally fine stonework. All this magnificent building allows you to go back in time and with the help of your guide revive the existence of those master builders truly admirable taking in the awe-inspiring scenery of the surroundings. After a complete overview of the site with your guide you will get down to Machu Picchu town for your train ride back to Cusco.

* Tour guide (English / Spanish / Quechua (Inka language)
* Meals: Breakfast
* Entrance ticket to Machu Picchu Llaqta
* Bus tickets (round trip) to Machu Picchu
* Train ticket from Machupicchu to Ollantaytambo (Expedition class service)
* Transfer from Ollantaytambo to CuscoElevation:

Trekking details:
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: Starting Point: 2,000 m. – 6,600 ft. / Highest Point: 2,400 m. – 7,920 ft.
Total distance of tour: 5km. / 3.1 mi. – 3 hrs Approx.                                              
Overnight: Hotel – Cusco City (Altitude: 3,350 m. – 11,055 ft.)