Our Core Values

Quality service

Ukumari Expeditions believes in providing safety, education and quality service every step of the way so you can immerse yourself in the local culture in your trip. We are passionate about fulfilling our obligations with sincerity and responsibility in order to create unforgettable and unique travel experiences for our customers. We believe and are convinced that our future is secured by advancing the interests and expectation of our customers.


Ukumari Expeditions is responsible of its team members, customers and the local communities we live and work with. We take responsibility of our actions and roles as part of our responsible & sustainable tourism programs and live up strongly to our commitments. When mistakes are made they are acknowledged and corrected without delay or excuse.


Ukumari Expeditions is fortunate to work with an extraordinary team of highly professional staff full of passion, inspiration, courage and success, eager to boost unforgettable travel experiences, gathering together the delightful, the unexpected, the authentic, and the meaningful; where the spirit of travelers is accompanied by impeccable and comfortable services.


Ukumari Expeditions always places trust at the center of every relationship with its customers, partners, subcontractors and team members. Our professional development program focuses heavily on personal integrity, business ethics and relationship skills. Our CEO and the teamwork are expected to consistently demonstrate trustworthy behavior.


One of most valuable services of Ukumari Expeditions is to provide innovative cultural immersion travel expeditions, encouraging all individuals to seek new ways to do things that can benefit our fellow team members, our providers, and our customers. In the company we always are innovating and reinventing the business in order to create and deliver unique, authentic and different vacation experiences to satisfy our customers’ “End-to-End” service expectations.

Learn, love & work (Inka Sasing)

Ukumari Expeditions is truly convinced that for learning it has to be involved love, interest and passion for doing things, so we can have the right work and service done at the right time in order to fulfill all your travel expectation and needs. For Ukumari it is extremely important to embrace and practice this concept in its corporate culture, its chain value and with its stakeholders.