Lares homestay & Llama pack expedition is ideal for those that love fascinating archeological sites,  get contact with nature, adventure spirit and over immerse in the local culture. This trip is highly culture, giving you the opportunity to close you up to hidden communities and its local people unchanged for centuries, that offer a unique & fascinating insight into their traditional Andean life (pasturing their alpaca, llama and sheep herds), giving you the opportunity to make local interaction. To re-valorize and continue and ancestral tradition is important for us, a reason why we use just llamas as pack animals for carrying the luggage. On this route you will experience green valleys, tranquil mountain lakes, high passes, with breathtaking views of snow-capped Andean peaks, and different small villages

Altitude: 3,480 m. – 11,484 ft.
Location: Through Villages of Lares–Wakawasi–Patakancha and Ollantaytambo
Duration: 4 Days / 3 Night
Trip style: Cultural Immersion
Physical demand rating: Experience needed
When to visit: Year-round


Day 1: Cusco – Lares – Wakawasi (Meals: L/D)
Day 2: Wakawasi – Patakancha (Meals: B/L/D)
Day 3: Patakancha – Ollantaytambo – Km82 (Meals: B/L/D)
Day 4: Km82 – Aguas Calientes (Meals: B/L)
Day 5: Machu Picchu – Cusco (Meals: B)


  • Local villages still wearing their traditional outfits
  • Andean shepherds pasturing their sheep, llamas and alpacas
  • Enjoy cultural interaction with local people, their culture, beliefs and traditions
  • Discover a unique culinary tradition of Peru
  • Stoning snowcapped mountains and Andean landscapes
  • Incredible Inka farming terraces
  • Ollantaytambo, the alive Inka town
  • Spectacular train journey to Machu Picchu
  • Machu Picchu site, the new Wonder of the world

What is included

  • Orientation briefing in Cusco, previous to departure date
  • All transfer in private service
  • 02 Nights Home stay accommodation (Wakawasi & Patakancha Communities)
  • 01 Night Hotel accommodation (Aguas Calientes town)
  • 09 Gourmet & Andean cuisine meals: B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner
  • 03 Breakfast
  • 03 Lunch
  • 03 Dinner
  • Filtered and boiled drinking water during the trek
  • Service of English/Spanish/Quechua speaking lead guide
  • Entrance fee to Machu Picchu
  • Round trip train tickets to Machu Picchu (Aguas Calientes Town)
  • Round trip bus tickets Machu Picchu
  • 01 Duffle bag per person for personal luggage
  • Chef and assistant cooker.
  • Llamas for carrying the whole food, equipment and your personal duffle bags
  • First aid kit with oxygen.
  • Short wave radios.
  • Sanitary care (Disinfect dishes, filtered water, etc.).
  • Environment care (All the garbage is going back to Cusco, portable toilet treatment).

Not Included

  • International flights.
  • Domestic Flights.
  • Extra services not mentioned in the program.
  • Tips and extra expenses.

Day 1: Cusco – Lares – Wakawasi (Meals: L/D)

Early in the morning, after breakfast, your professional lead guide will pick you up from your hotel to make your way for 3 hours bus ride, through the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, to the village of Lares which is the starting point of the trek. Before start the expedition meet all the crew that will look after you very well making sure you immerse in the local culture and have an unforgettable and unique experience. Enjoy of a very picturesque country side landscape and interact with local people and specially kids taking care of their seep and alpacas along the way. After arriving and get accommodation in local family house experience and participate of weaving textile process in a traditional way of the community.


  • Starting Point: 3,270 m. – 10,791 ft.
  • Highest point: 3,770 m. – 12,441 ft.
  • Home Stay place: 3,770 m. – 12,441 ft.

Total distance:

  • 7 km. /6.8 mi. (5 hrs. Approx. all uphill)

Overnight: Wakawasi Community Home Stay (Altitude: 3,770 m. – 12,441 ft.)

Day 2: Wakawasi – Patakancha (Meals: B/L/D)

Today, after early breakfast prepared by the local family, start your trek following an ancient Inka trail and at every breath taking point enjoy of the fantastic Andean landscape with local people herding their Llamas and Alpacas. The highest point is Ipsayccocha pass 4,420 m. – 14,586 ft., from where the view of the valleys, snow-capped mountains and tranquil Andean lake are just amazing. Enjoy a delicious lunch by the lake at a house of local family. After lunch there is a descent through a valley with beautiful landscapes.


  • Starting Point: 3,770 m. – 12,441 ft.
  • Highest point: 4,420 m. – 14,586 ft.
  • Home Stay place: 3,800 m. – 12,540 ft.

Total distance:

  • 13 km. – 8.1 mi. / 8 hr. Approx. (4 up & 4 down)

Overnight: Patakancha Community Home Stay (Altitude: 3,800 m. – 12,540 ft.)

Day 3: Patakancha – Ollantaytambo – Km 82(Meals: B/L/D)

This morning, after a tasty breakfast, start your expedition towards the great Ollantaytambo, considered the last alive Inka town. On the way visit ancient Andean Communities and get amazed by the Inka sites located through a very fertile valley. Lunch will be at a local family house with a spectacular view of the valley and river. After a nice rest you continue downhill to the great town of Ollantaytambo and take a bus to Km 82 .


  • Starting Point: 3,800 m. – 12,540 ft.
  • Highest Point: 3,800 m. – 12,540 ft.
  • Overnight hotel: 2,000 m. – 6,600 ft.

Total distance:

  • – 6.82 mi. / 6 hrs. Approx. (all downhill)

Overnight: Aguas Calientes (Altitude: 2,000 m. – 6,600 ft.)

Day 4: Km82- Machu Picchu wonder of the world(Meals: B/l)

In the morning after breakfast you will take a local bus with your guide to the starting point of your trek. Along the trek enjoy the different archeological sites located on both sides of the Urubamba river and also get marveled with the beautiful landscape. This trek is mostly downhill, at some parts along the train track, until Machu Picchu pueblo

  • Elevation:
    • Starting Point: 2,800 m. – 9,240 ft.
    • Highest Point: 2,800 m. – 9,240 ft.
    • Overnight place: 2,000 m. – 6,600 ft.

    Total distance:

    • /9.3 mi. – 6 hrs.  Approx. (90% downhill)

    Overnight: Machu Picchu town hostel

    (Altitude: 2,000 m. – 6,600 ft.)


Day 5: Machu Picchu wonder of the world – Cusco (Meals: B)

In the morning after a thirty minutes bus ride, on a zigzag road along the hillside, you will arrive into the incredible “Lost city of the Inkas” and escorted by your lead guide take a private tour enjoying the complicated history of the site, the surprising degree of technology achieved by its builders, the provision of water channels that reveal a deep understanding of hydraulics, and its exceptionally fine stonework. All this magnificent building allows you to go back in time and with the help of your tour leader revive the existence of those builders truly admirable taking in the awe-inspiring scenery. After a complete overview of the site you will have the remainder of the day to further explore the site at your own. In the afternoon get back to Cusco.

Overnight: Cusco (Altitude: 3,350 m. – 11,055 ft.)

Know Before You Go

Although most of the planning and preparation is taken care of for you, there are still a few things you should know and some details you should take care of to ensure your comfort, safety and peace of mind. Please review the following information before your departure to ensure that any surprises along the way will only be pleasant ones.

Passport and Visas

All countries require a valid passport (with minimum 6 months validity). Contact your local embassy, or consulate for the most up-to-date visa requirements, or see your travel agent. It’s your responsibility to have the correct travel documentation.

Trip preparation

A little pre-planning can make your trip go a lot smoother. Several weeks before your trip, make a list of what you will need to take with you. Make sure your personal documents (passports, visas) are in order and that you have enough prescription medications to last through the trip. We suggest you make photocopies of passports, visas, and any other important travel documents and pack them separately from the originals. Pack also a list of medications including dosage and generic names. If you lose the originals while traveling, you will have copies for easier reporting and replacement. We recommend that you pack a portable alarm clock.

What to take

Most people automatically assume that the weather is hot in South America, but because of the higher altitude in the Andes, the temperature can feel quite cold, especially at night. We recommend the use of a duffel bag or backpack, whichever is easiest for you to carry. A good size daypack is also essential.


  • Passport (with photocopies)
  • Travel insurance (with photocopies)
  • Airline tickets (with photocopies)
  • USD cash and Credit or debit cards
  • Any entry visas or vaccination certificates required
  • Camera/Binoculars/Watch or alarm clock/ Reading & writing material
  • Fleece top/windproof/waterproof jacket
  • 4 shirts/t-shirts/1 pair of shorts/2 pairs of long trousers/1 pair hiking pants/track pants/ swim wear
  • Sun hat/Sun block /Sunglasses/Flashlight/Water canteen
  • Hiking boots/sturdy walking shoes/Sport sandals
  • Toiletries (biodegradable)/ Cover for backpacks
  • Personal First-aid kit (prescription drugs you may be taking).

Health Information

Please note inoculations may be required for the country visited. It is your responsibility to consult with your travel doctor for up to date medical travel information well before departure. You should consult your doctor for up-to-date medical travel information well before departure. We recommend that you carry a First Aid kit and hand sanitizers / antibacterial wipes as well as any personal medical requirements.


The 4-day Lares Trek to Machu Picchu is physically challenging but worthwhile, and the excursion is within the ability of most reasonably fit. It is a 31km (19.3mi) trek, with 1 high pass to be crossed, which reaches an elevation of 4,420 m. – 14,586 ft. The Lares trek trail is often moderate steep, and it may rain even during the dry season. The temperatures at night may fall below zero, so it is important to come prepared.

It is important you take your original passport to show at the control posts of Machu Picchu, to board on the train and show to get a copy in different hotels.