Moray is place of a series of concentric circular terraces located to 50 km northwest of Cusco city and not far from Maras village. This place were used as an agricultural research station by the Inkas in order to adapt, acclimatize and hybridize different crops. A remarkable feature of this site is the difference in temperature from the top terrace to the one of the bottom, which can be around 15°C, creating micro climates similar to what is achieved in the greenhouses nowadays. Another fact is that the sun hit gets trapped by the stones of the walls terraces and gets released at night regulating the temperature in each terrace. It is not surprising that 60 % of the world´s food crops originated in the Andes, including the hundreds of varieties of corn and thousands of potatoes and quinoa varieties.

Maras salt pans

This truly unique place is located 40 km north of Cusco city in Peru. This salt evaporation ponds have been in continuous use since pre-Inkan times representing a source of power for the different cultures established in the area until Spanish colonial times. This highly salty water emerges from an underground spring that feeds up to several hundreds of terraced ponds through an intricate network of tiny channels. The mayor salt production is during the dry season, from May to November, where the local people harvest the salt in the same to many centuries ago.