Enigmatic Machu Picchu

You will start your day with a panoramic train ride to Aguas Calientes town. Upon arrival you will take a 30-minute bus ride, zigzagging up to magnificent Machu Picchu, “The lost city of the Inkas.” From there, you’ll begin your guided tour in the astonishing and enigmatic Inka sanctuary.

You’ll learn the complicated history of the site and the surprising degree of technology achieved by its builders. You’ll discover the water channels that reveal a deep understanding of hydraulics, and its exceptionally fine stonework.

Experiencing the magnificent legacy of the Inka, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, allows you to imagine what it must have been like in the 15th century and the extraordinary skill of the builders to create this breathtaking sanctuary in this inspiring landscape.

After a complete tour of the site, you will have the remainder of the day to further explore Machu Picchu, either alone or with your tour leader. You’ll return to Cusco in the late afternoon.